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Top 3 Reasons Why SMEs Should Have 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support
If you’re an entrepreneur in the SME sector and you still haven’t outsourced your customer support to a 24/7 multilingual call answering solution like Callix, here are 3 reasons that could change your mind.
1. It gives a positive perception of your brand
“If I can’t trust them with picking up my call, why would I trust them with my business?”
Having a multilingual team consistently picking up the phone for inquiries givespotential customers prevents a positive perception of your brand, sending a message that your priority is to deliver top-notch customer service. For a first interaction with your company, the smallest things count, and having a professional handling an inquiry speaks volumes.
2. It helps increase customer loyalty.
According to,82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition.Maintaining a good relationship with your existing customers via a call center that speaks their language reinforces trust and customer relations. Loyal customer require attention too, because they can act as your brand ambassadors and propagate new business.
3. It lets you resolve customer issues instantly.
The modern customer is a connected customer, which means they will not shy from posting online reviews and comments if they do not get a quick resolution. Instead of letting them get frustrated with chatbots or voice assistants, live call agents can empathetically answer queries and resolve issues right off the bat.
In a competitive market as it is nowadays, having 24/7 multilingual customer support set in place gives your business a competitive edge. Something as basic as having a dedicated hotline goes a long way.