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STUDY: Customers are willing to share personal data for better customer experience

An annual study by Broadridge Financial Solutions says that more than 3,000 people in North America has revealed that customers desire for an improved experience when dealing with call centre agents trumped their need to protect their privacy.

Customers have always valued the information they share when speaking to agents, but now they're more willing to share their private information if there is transparency in how their data is used and if it helps better their customer service experience.

"Data privacy concerns are at a peak, and yet consumers are placing immense value on their experiences and are willing to share more of their personal data if it enhances the services they receive in return," said Matt Swain, managing director and practice lead for communications consulting services at Broadridge. On the question of legislation, 84% of the respondents say that they want more legislation that will allow them to control the personal data they provide companies they are engaging with.