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Callix Canada Begins its operations in Toronto

Staying on track with our global expansion plans, Callix Canada is now up and running, and isready to provide the same reliable 24/7 multilingual call center service to the local businesses in Toronto, Ontario.According to BDC, there are over 1.1 million SMEs in Canada, and 55% of them have lesser than 4 employees. With Callix Canada, local business owners in Toronto can have more bandwidth to retain customers and handle calls from potential customers without breaking the bank.

With packages starting at CAD 25, the award-winning call center startup Callix, originally from Dubai, UAE, is now serving local Toronto businesses, helping them gain a competitive edge with a plug-and-play tech-supported call center model. This comes with always-available and highly-trained multilingual agents providing the human element in every call transaction. The service also includes a highly-intuitive dashboard displaying complex, actionable insightsand real-time data that can drive a business owner’s decision-making process.

Apart from user interface and data analytics, Callix also uses sentiment analysis for agent training purposes. For a more holistic quality assurance process, call recordings are made available to the customer for quality assurance, allowing them to monitor the agents’ call handling.

This North American region is part of the Callix’s plan to revolutionize customer service in other parts of the world like the Middle East and South Asia where the call center outsourcing industry has been left undisrupted in the last decade.