Virtual Receptionist
How Can a Virtual Receptionist Help Increase Your Business Profits?

Only humans can do what a human does best, specifically customer support. Although chatbots and AI technology have begun dominating the industry, there’s no denying that genuine service can only be delivered by living and breathing agents.

It doesn’t always have to be man versus machine, though. Outsourcing takes the best of both worlds to provide a cost-effective solution to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to keep up with modern times without breaking the bank. Below, we discuss five ways a virtual receptionist (VR) can help increase your business profit

Save recruitment and training costs

Hiring a new team member is more expensive than retaining your current ones. Aside from the costs, it also takes up a lot of time and effort to send out job ads, schedule interviews, screen applicants, and onboard an employee. When you outsource your VR needs, you wouldn’t have to pay for the full salary and benefits of your new addition, and there’s no need to train them either.

Less physical space is needed

Emerging startups, self-employed entrepreneurs, and e-commerce business owners share a similarity — their homes also serve as their office space. Outsourcing a staff member means one less desk space to worry about. By hiring a virtual receptionist, the money intended for your additional manpower’s supplies, utility costs, and space rental could be allotted somewhere more useful and profitable for the business.

Increase in productivity

Ever heard of the adage “no man is an island”? It couldn’t be more true when you’re running a business. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs didn’t do all the hard work themselves to achieve the success they’re enjoying now – they hired employees and delegated tasks according to their people’s skills and expertise.

Helps avoid burnout

Success entails hard work, but not to the point that you’re running on an hour’s worth of sleep daily. In 2018, Harvard Business Review conducted a survey involving 326 members of the Business Networking International in the USA on job passion, job fit, and burnout, among others. Their findings show that entrepreneurs with a fixed mindset (i.e. “entrepreneurial success is either meant to be or not”) were more prone to burnout compared to their more flexible counterparts.
Letting the business run you instead of the other way around is a common pitfall of entrepreneurship. Instead of working hard, why not work smart instead? Hiring a VR not only reduces your workload drastically, it also frees up time that you can spend with loved ones or on other projects.

24/7 availability

Whether you’re selling products or offering services, having a 24/7 customer support line will be highly beneficial for your business even if your audience reach is still confined locally. A common misconception among business owners is that round-the-clock customer service should only be offered by businesses and organizations that are available 24/7 as well – but that’s not always the case. Take online stores, for instance. Shoppers are still bound to visit the website during the wee hours of the morning regardless if you have staff awake to take care of order confirmation and shipping. Who would attend to their queries then, if no one’s available to answer their messages and calls?
Having someone on standby to respond to your clients at any time of the day helps you close deals and gain their trust faster. With a VR, you get higher revenues, less unresolved issues, and increased customer satisfaction. Here in the Middle East, call management solutions provider Callix is at the forefront of providing excellent 24/7 outsourced support to businesses of all sizes in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.